The equipment for the mining industry 

The company “Enerprom” has many years of rich experience of deliveries of equipment for the mining industry. The priority is to supply complete production plants. In addition to complete sets of equipment for the mining industry, the group of companies “Enerprom» offers various types of individual components

Machines and equipment supplied by “Enerprom”, reliable, durable and can fully mechanized mining processes. Along with the high level of services, the company “Enerprom” has a policy of maintaining an acceptable level of prices of the supplied equipment

By responsibly integrated approach to the supply of industrial units and the professionalism of our employees, the consumer may not have to worry about the quality of equipment for the mining industry and to focus entirely on the effectiveness of its operation

(System lift heavy equipment (LPG

System lift heavy equipment (LPG) is a set of equipment, including mobile podkatnye hydraulic jack. It is designed for lifting, holding and lowering heavy trucking or railway equipment, as well as specialized equipment and various designs during routine, repair and assembly and dismantling. The company “Enerprom” sells LPG wholesale and retail

LPG device
System lift heavy equipment includes the following features

trolley on wheels-
hydraulic jack piston return to the starting position-
Built-in pump station with electric or pneumatic actuator-
Remote Control-
Set high pressure hoses-
and a set of extensions belay clips with handle for installation and removal
Extensions allow you to work with large motor vehicles, which are operated in Russia. It includes dump trucks, loaders, bulldozers, etc. Lifting and lowering are performed in safe mode


The complex hydraulic lifting turntable excavator

Hydraulic system for lifting the turntable KGPE4-100 excavator is used for lifting and lowering, as well as hold heavy objects. The complex can be used to produce extra current or field repairs. of the hydraulic complex

Powerpack. It is connected in parallel with the lifting gear via secure high-pressure hoses

Four lifting mechanism consisting of a telescopic body (fixed and movable sections) attached to the base plate. Inside the drawer by means of a spherical support on a base plate fixed part mounted jack with a hydraulic return of the piston. It is equipped with check valves and safety valves. Lifting turntable excavator is due to the simultaneous operation of all four mechanisms


The period of preparatory work for the lifting platform of the excavator is about three hours directly to the operation lasts 40 minutes