Pumping stations for natural gas equipment

A special series of hydraulic drive unit is designed for drilling and oil and gas equipment
Construction series meet the requirements of explosion protection COOLING go preheating the hydraulic fluid, filter it, using special hydraulic components


The unit AG25-64 / 500-UX

The unit AG25-64 / UX-500 is designed to supply pressurized hydraulic fluid to the hydraulic mechanisms of the rig

two hydraulic damping device, operating at raising and lowering the tower –
    (two breaker (fixing – locks breakout drill string during tripping –
   two hydraulic mechanism rig move along the guide rails –
   (leveling jacks eight towers (four pairs of jacks –
  hydraulic piping in the washing after its installation –

The unit AG25 / 70-2 / 40-UB

Hydraulic AG25 / 70-2 / 40-UX for the hydraulic supply arrangements gidrofitcirovannyh rig BU 5000/320 BM (W
for damping tower at the end of the pushing and lifting it from the top position when lowering –
To align the towers to provide alignment of the rotor and columns –

,At the rear of the unit provides the hydraulic fluid. For ease of movement provided folding handle
,with non-metallic coatings for the possibility of transfer pumping station at low temperatures without Gloves are
,For the management of the station is the control box and remote control for hydraulically damping

The unit AG25-42 / 480-UX

Hydraulic AG25-42 / UX-480 is designed to move the rig on the guide with the help of 2 cylinders and leveling the upper winch unit and ensure alignment of the rotor and columns using 4 groups of jacks
Hydraulic made ​​in climatic design Y category 1 by GOST15150-69. Ambient temperature from minus 50 ° C to + 60 ° C. Operating position of the hydraulic unit – upright, on a stable, rigid support. Allowed inclination to 5º in either direction

:Application area

oil and gas industry – a test, development, repair of oil and gas wells-

Construction – trenchless laying of oil and gas pipelines, utilities, bored piles, etc-

production of petroleum coke-

(Mining (blasting-